Xinfire FLV to WMV Converter – How to Convert FLV to WMV

If you are a web video enthusiast, you should know that a fairly large number of online videos are in FLV format, namely Flash Video, for example, the well-known YouTube Videos, which is famous for its openness and free downloading and sharing on the web, allowing users to find almost all videos they need, So it is not strange that if anyone’s computer is filled with hundreds of videos in FLV format. However, one thing need to specified, .flv is not supported by most mobile devices and, if you want to play FLV videos on your PC, you would still have to install additional codec. For an instance, .flv is not the default video format supported by the Windows Media Player, so if you want to watch the downloaded FLV YouTube videos with Windows Media Player, the first thing you need to do is to convert FLV video files to other video formats compatible with the Windows Media Player, like WMV, etc.

Generally speaking, WMV is a popular video format specially designed for storing and watching video on Windows devices, such as Windows Media Player, besides, many other popular mobile devices also support WMV format, like Windows Mobile phones, Microsoft Zune, Xbox 360, and Archos and so on. Then what is the best FLV to WMV converter you really need to play YouTube videos on your Windows Media Player?

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Xinfire Video Converter – Perfect FLV to WMV converter to convert FLV to WMV

Xinfire Video Converter Ultimate is all-round yet powerful video conversion software, it can convert FLV to all other popular video formats, such as AVI, WMV, MP4, MP3, etc. with Xinfire Video Converter, users can convert YouTube FLV videos to WMV format to play on Windows Media Player and customize the videos by adjusting the video parameter settings, video frame rate, video resolution, etc. In a word, this wonderful Xinfire .FLV to .WMV converter allows you to define all audio and video parameters according to individual needs and enjoy videos without format limitation and mobile device incompatibility. For mac users, view mac video converter.

How to Convert FLV to MWV with Xinfire Video Converter Ultimate

You can download the Xinfire Video Converter on our website for free trial. The following guide is telling you the way to convert FLV to MWV with Xinfire Video Converter Ultimate:

FLV to WMV Converter

Xinfire Video Converter

Operation Steps:

Step1. Run Xinfire Video Converter, click “Add” button to FLV video files.

Step2. Select the video format you aimed, e.g., MWV, as the output format.

Step3. Select the output folder to preserve the converted video.

Step4. Click “Start” button to begin conversion.

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More Operation Tips:

  1. Video Preview: Preview, then pick the video Content for conversion
  2. Merge, Clip, Edit, More Settings: ClickMerge” to rip all selected chapters at one time or into one file; Click “Clip” to cut original DVDs; Click “Edit” to adjust Brightness, Hue, Saturation, Contrast, add Subtitle & Watermark, etc; Click “More Settings “to select Profile, Codec, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Bit rate, etc
  3. Options: Click “options” for more advanced setting such as language, work space folder, etc,