Play DVDs in Different Regions with Xinfire Region Free DVD Player

As a Brit, I often want DVDs that I just can’t find in the U.S. It’s usually U.K. comedy shows, most of which don’t take off over here for some reason. And DVD regions used to be a problem for me, so you guys have any good idea about any region free DVD Player, sincere thanks. – From Yahoo Answer

Is it possible to run a second (external) DVD drive for playing back DVDs from a different region?  Is it possible to play a U.K comedy in British? Is there any way to play China DVD movies in New York? Many people traveling around the world collect various things and, once in a while, a DVD might be the one thing you choose to take home from a distant country as souvenirs handing out for your dear relatives and friends or for yourself. Since not all discs are created to run on any player and follow the same standard anywhere, you might find out upon inserting the DVD that it is coded for a certain region and the movie cannot be played on your system.

Then what you should do? Store and bury them in an old cabinet, drop aside as rubbish or just use them for room decoration; in fact, what you badly need is not a cabinet to store them, but a powerful region free DVD Player. To get you out of that trouble, a utility like Xinfire DVD Player is exactly what you need. The lightweight software installs in a jiffy and even it may require a system reboot, from then on you shouldn’t have any trouble loading any disc and you can enjoy region DVDs without any region code limit.

Xinfire DVD Player is a critically acclaimed region free DVD player software, which empowers users to enjoy superior video and audio (Dolby) quality, together with other enhanced functions: e.g. record DVD, optional skins, playback image and DV, image capture and bookmark, etc. Furthermore, it supports DIVX, MPEG4, RM, QuickTime, WMV, WMV-HD, MacroMedia Flash and many more other popular file formats. Besides, this app can be extensively compatible with hardware, which is operated stable, smoothly under Windows 8\7\ Vista\ XP system, etc


How to Play DVDs in All Regions with Xinfire Region Free DVD Player


Region Free DVD Player

  1. Pause: Pause during the playback. Click Play, the movie will begin from the same position.
  2. Next: Jump to next chapter/file
  3. Play: Begin to play disc or file
  4. Previous: Jump to previous chapter/file
  5. Stop: Stop the current playback. Click play to restart playback.
  6. Fast Forward: Fast forward, switch between 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X at each press
  7. Record: Record DVD as MPEG2 video or MP3 audio file
  8. Fast Backward: Fast backward, switch between 1X, 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X at each press
  9. Volume Control: Drag slider up/down to increase/decrease volume
  10. Options: Open a configuration window
  11. Eject Disc: Eject/Close disc. During playback, please stop playback before closing the disc.
  12. Open: Select playback type
  13. Open Floating Panel: Show Floating Panel
  14. Full Screen: Switch to full screen mode if the current video is under the window mode, and vice verse.

To sum up, Xinfire DVD Player is a perfect media player for video enthusiasts. Being neat and lightweight, it is packed full of powerful features. With Xinfire region free DVD Player, you can play more than 600 kinds of vides, enjoy High-Definition media content as well as DVDs smoothly.


Extended Knowledge

Why do we have Region Codes

Movies are released in theaters in different parts of the world at different times throughout the year. That summer blockbuster in the U.S. may end up being the Christmas blockbuster overseas. If that occurs, the DVD version of the movie may be out in the U.S. while it is still showing in theaters overseas. In order to preserve the financial integrity of the theatrical distribution of a particular film, it is not possible (under normal conditions) to have a friend in the U.S. send a DVD copy of the film to the country where it is in theatrical release and be able to play the DVD on a player there. So, in a word, that’s all about money. However, since the massive surge of the Internet, file sharing and release dates in countries around the world coming closer and closer together, it’s fairly ridiculous to have region coding.

What is Region Codes

DVD region codes are a digital rights management technique designed to allow film distributors to control aspects of a release, including content, release date, and price, according to the region. This is achieved by way of region-locked DVD players, which will play back only DVDs encoded to their region (plus those without any region code). The commercial DVD player specification requires that a player designed to be sold in a given place play only discs encoded for that region (plus those without any region code). DVDs may use one code, a combination of codes (multi-region), every code (all region) or no codes (region free). There are six different official regions and two informal variations. The world of DVD players and DVDs is divided into 6 regions around the world:

Region1: United States, Canada, Bermuda, U.S. territories

Region2: Europe (except Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan), Middle East, Egypt, Japan, South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Greenland, French Overseas departments and territories

Region3: Southeast Asia, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau

Region4: South America, Central America, Caribbean, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea and much of Oceania

Region5: Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Africa (except Egypt, South Africa, Swaziland, and Lesotho), Central and South Asia, Mongolia, North Korea

Region6: China