New Upcoming Scary Movies (on DVD) 2014

Aside from romantic movies and animated films, you cannot miss the list of New Horror Flicks. Some people just can’t get enough of thrillers. They have large DVD collections of horror movies at home and never miss any opening night of a new scary film. For horror fans, who have longed for good and clever horror flicks (on DVD), this list of New Horror Movies 2014 may help enrich your watchlist.5 most anticipated new horror movies 2014 are listed as below with release date, main plot, country and genre. Wish you a new year filled with exciting horror venture.

Top 5 New Horror Movies (DVD) 2014

Hellions (Canada) – This film is about a pregnant teenager who must survive a Halloween night from Hell when three malevolent trick-or-treaters come knocking. Hellions, directed by Bruce McDonald, is ranked here as the most anticipated new horror movie 2014 for its bringing together of two popular elements - Horror and Halloween, which makes this film sounds like a wicked little thriller.

Deliver Us from Evil (USA) – Good news for fans of SINISTER’s Scott Derrickson, his new horror venture Deliver Us from Evil, a supernatural thriller led by Eric Bana with the gorgeous Olivia Munn co-starring, is upcoming right in the middle of summer. It tells the story of a New York police, who is pulled into a case convinced by the priest against his religious beliefs, solves the case working against them and combats the paranormal forces together with the priest.

Horns (Netherlands) – Since many of you are fans of Alexandre Aja, who is a horror maestro and the director of High Tension (2003), a brilliant and bloody horror flick with a surprise ending, I include this one on the list of new horror movies 2014. In this thriller, Daniel Radcliffe is playing a role with a pair of mysterious horns that make people confess their darkest desires and inner most hidden secrets in the aftermath of his girlfriend’s mysterious death.

Oculus (USA) – Mike Flanagan’s supernatural thriller, OCULUS, has been long awaited by many horror movie lovers. This new scary film centers on a spine-chilling supernatural tale that a woman tries to exonerate her brother, who was convicted of murder, by proving that the crime was committed by a supernatural phenomenon. It won a lot of praise for its unpredictable and inventive storyline and unsettling terror.

Only Lovers Left Alive (USA) – This is quite a simple story of two vampires, who have been in love for centuries, costarring by Tom Hiddleston and Tilda Swin, which may be the biggest selling point for most people. The genre of horror refers to films with elements like vampire, ghost, zombie, supernatural, serial killer, etc. The whole world was once crazy about The Twilight, a horror movie of vampire.

How to Rip/Backup 2014 New Horror Movie DVDs?

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