How to Record Live TV Shows on Your PC

The holy grail of entertainment in your home is the mesh between television and your PC. Since the CPUs in today’s PCs are much more powerful than the set top boxes that provide the majority of programming, it is entirely possible to use your PC to record shows and to play them back later. If you are feeling especially brave, you can actually hook a computer directly to your television set – this is called a HTPC or a Home Theater PC. However, there is another way for you to record and enjoy live TV programs on your PC that is installing TV recorder software –no cable provider, no cable box. Let this tutorial show you how to save the cost of a digital video recorder by closely aligning two of the most important entertainment devices in your home to record TV shows on your PC. Here we humbly recommend Xinfire TV Recorder.

How to Record Live TV Shows on Your PC with Xinfire TV Recorder

As a world popular TV Recorder, Xinfire TV Record was specially designed to meet people’s requirements for freely watching digital & analog TV shows; listening to radio programs on PC, as well as convenient TV Program recording & conversion. This TV Recorder gives you a wide range of advanced features such as Electronic Programming Guide (EPG).Time Shifting, and advanced TV recording function which allows you to instantly record your favorite shows on hard-disc, and convert the recording TV files into various formats for sharing with your friends or more enjoyment by iPad2/3/Mini, iPhone4/4S/5, iPod, PSP, BlackBerry, HTC, Nokia, Android, and other portable devices.


TV Recorder

step 1 . Keep your USB tuner connected correctly with computer

To activate Xinfire TV Recorder, you need to install the prepared USB tuner or device and its driver correctly on your computer, in order to make sure that you can get perfect TV shows.

step 2 . Install Xinfire TV Recorder

Free download this TV recorder software, install it by following its installation wizard quickly. In the main interface of Xinfire TV Recorder, you can find its two major features: Convert and HDTV. As their names indicate, in “HDTV” mode, you can watch and record live TV shows. In “Convert” mode, you can convert every video files including the recorded files into various video formats by its built-in video converter program.

step 3 . Play and record live TV shows

After selecting “HDTV”, you will find TV show lists in EPG. Double click the channel you like to watch the live TV show instantly. During the TV playback, press your mouse on the “Record” button, you are able to begin recording the favorite TV shows.

Extended Knowledge

What is a PVR?

A PVR is a versatile TV recording device that stores the programs you have recorded onto a large internal hard disk drive. Typically they can store hundreds of hours of recordings. The best PVRs are very easy to use, have well laid-out EPGs and intuitive remote controls. Find out how to buy the best PVR that combines all these attributes. At the heart of a PVR is an on-screen electronic program guide (EPG) that lists all the TV programs to be shown over the next week. You can scroll through these listings using the remote control and select all programs that you want to record. The PVR then does the rest.

What is a DVD recorder?

A DVD recorder records TV programs onto a recordable DVD disc. Like a PVR they have an on-screen electronic program guide (EPG) that lists the entire TV program to be shown over the next week. The best DVD recorders are easy to use and deliver excellent picture and sound quality.