How to Copy Protected DVD with XinFire DVD Copy

What would you do if you have to return your friend the original Disney DVD film protected by the most advanced protection technology? What would you do if your favorite DVD collections were been damaged by unexpected carelessness or improper storage? What would you do if your intimate friends want to borrow some collected DVD movie discs from you for holiday movie enjoyment? And what would do if you come across the precious DVD movie you seek for a longtime to fulfill and enrich your DVD movie collection dream?

I guess the most accessible and practical solution is to copy those DVDs, for better movie enjoyment, or keeping yourself immune to dilemma between friends and precious movie collection, or just for future DVD movie appreciation, etc.

Copy Protected DVD Software is propagating its belief on a large scale

As we all know, every coin has two sides. With the development and perfection of social legal system, people are gradually aware of the importance to guard self-related legal interests via the rules and regulations constituted by the local country; moreover, the law concerning leisure industry is becoming more and more comprehensive and covering almost all field, for an instance, copy protected DVDs set a good example for how to protect legal copyright, but here we have to say, the other side seems not so satisfied because people are troubled by how to copy protected DVD, after all, if not for commercial use, coping protected DVD should be an legal behavior.

In spite of DVD protection technologies, the increase need of copying protected DVD also roots in the following reasons. Firstly, for a DVD disc itself, it is frail and easy to break even though they look rock-like. What’s more, any improper operation or storage will do harm to those frail DVD discs, even a half-year old baby can ruining a DVD disc through unexpected carelessness. All in all, DVD Copying software is propagating its belief on a large scale, in another word, the flourishing leisure industry create the prosperity and popularity of DVD copying software.

How to Choose a Reliable & Practical DVD Copying Software to Copy Protected DVD

There are at least five factors you have to take into consideration, respectively are:

  1. Copy Performance. The practical ability to copy protected DVD
  2. Price. Users always prefer to get cheap and fine goods
  3. Speed & Convenience. Time is money; modern people pay more attention on faster speed & easier software operation
  4. Output Quality. I suppose nobody likes to watch obscured DVD movies after spending so much time and money on copying protected DVD
  5. Advanced Setting. The last tip but not the least one, excellent DVD copying software provide users a large of advanced functions to enjoy better DVD movies

Here we strongly recommended you to try XinFire DVD Copy, reliable & practical!


How to Use the XinFire DVD Copy to Copy Protected DVD


copy protected DVD

Operation Steps:

  • Source Disc: Click Source Disk to select source DVD files
  • Title/Chapter Preview: Preview, then pick the DVD Content under copy intention
  • Select Copy Mode: Entire Discs; Main Movie; Customize; Split Discs. Entire Disc – Copy all contents of source DVD movie into only one target disc; Main Movie – Copy main movie title only, with special features and extras omitted, to reduce target video file size; Customize – Personalize copy your favorite title/subtitle/audio; Split Disc – Split DVD-9 movie into two DVD-5 discs automatically.
  • Target, Copy AS&amp: DVD Capacity: Specify target DVD storage path, output form as DVD or DVD Image (ISO) & DVD capacity
  • Options, Upgrade on Line, Online Help: Click “options” for more advanced setting such as language, burn engine, work space folder, etc,
  • Start: Click “start” to begin copy