How to Convert SWF Videos to MP4 Format Easily and Quickly

Adobe’s ShockWave Flash (SWF) format is optimized for online environments. SWF files are very popular for delivering videos on the web due to its small video size. Currently, this video format is the most used one for showing Animated content in the internet because it can store animations and even applets. but you may run into some compatibility issues when trying to play your SWF files offline in a media player or a hand-held device. But by converting your SWF files into a popular audio/video format, like mp4, you can play your converted content in just about any environment.

To convert SWF to MP4, you can use Video Converter to do the work. This application enables you to convert SWF video to MP4 format with ultra fast conversion speed. In addition to SWF and MP4, this video converter supports all other popular video formats like MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, ASF, 3GP, MKV, etc. If you are using Mac, please turn to the Video Converter for Mac. Now get it and follow the guide below to start converting your SWF videos to MP4 format.

Download SWF to MP4 Converter:

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How to Convert SWF Videos to MP4 Format Easily and Quickly

Note that here Video Converter for Windows (Windows 8.1 compatible) screenshots are used for better illustration. The way to convert WMV video to SWF on Mac OS X (Mavericks) is the same. Just make sure you’ve downloaded the right version.

1. Add SWF videos to the App

Install the program and run it. On the main interface, click Add Files to browse and import the SWF videos you want to convert to the app. Batch conversion supported.


2. Specify SWF as the output format

Click Output Format to open the format list. Simply click MP4 to set it as the output format. Meanwhile, select a destination folder to save the converted video files.


3. Start the SWF to MP4 Conversion

Click “Start” to start converting your SWF videos to MP4 format. When the conversion finishes, you can enjoy SWF videos on your MP4 players without any hassles.