how to backup DVD movies on Win with high quality and fast speed

Is there really nothing you can do to repair a scratched DVD? The answer is no! You can learn how to easily copy severely scratched DVD to DVD on Windows to keep your movie treasures safe! To Repair a Scratched DVD is Possible! You may have tried lots of DVD copy software when the best one appears into your sight. Below is a brief introduction to a DVD copy program that is powerful enough to backup badly scratched, dirty, worn and minor cracked DVDs on Windows – Xinfire DVD Copy.

It allows you to customize the least skipped sector quantity based on the actual condition of a corrupted DVD. If slightly scratched merely, you may adjust it to fewer sectors in order to loss as less information as possible and you may not notice the loss when you playback the movie. If it is badly corrupted like cracked, you may have the software to skip more sectors when it meets bad ones so as to ensure the completeness of the copy processing. Equipping with such a wonderful feature does not make the program hard to handle at all. Xinfire DVD Copy Pro comes with an intuitive interface and facilitates the navigation to a great extent. Now get it and follow the guide below to begin the copy and backup.

Download DVD Backup Software:


How to Copy and Backup Scratched DVD on Win with High Quality


1. Load the DVD Movie to the Program

Download and install the converter, run it and click the Load DVD button to import the movies.

2. Specify the Output

Insert a blank DVD disc and        choose the folder with enough vacant space, usually larger than 9 GB free space is required.

3. Start the Copy

When all the above settings are OK, click the big Start button to begin the backup process