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If you have any problem about Xinfire products:

Make sure you are using the updated version
Carefully reading our online FAQ
If you cannot find solutions in FAQ, please contact our support team:

Xinfire promises to reply our client as soon as possible, commonly in one or two working days. If you have any comments or suggestions for our products, please feel free to inform us.

Note: the following are some common using doubts & tips about Xinfire products, if you cannot find satisfied solutions there, please e-mail us, our Support Staff will reply you in one or two working days.

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Where can users get updated version

Users can get updated version on Xinfire official website

Do Xinfire Products turn off any anti-virus and other burning applications which accessible to the CD/DVD units at the same time

Some users reported the problem of NAV on some configurations. If you have MMC errors, please disable the anti-virus software during the writing process.

Some users mentioned the problem of VIA and nVidia low level drivers (i.e. IDE drivers). Sometimes certified Microsoft drivers work better, and sometimes a new version of the drivers from VIA/nVidia can help.

Why I still haven’t got the license code after successfully purchasing the software?

First of all, check your spam/trash folder. License code is sent automatically and sometimes mistaken for spam by email providers. Then you can also retrieve your license code by sending your order ID and email address used by you when purchasing the software to Our support staff will resend your license code within 24 hours after receiving your request.

How to update my registration info if my E-mail address changed?

Please send us your order ID and license code to Our support staff will reset your license code within 24 hours.

If your problems still cannot be solved, please collect the following information and E-mail us. We will respond you as soon as possible:

Product Order-ID
Product Version Number
Windows Operating System Version
Hardware Configuration & Specifications
Detailed Trouble Description

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