YouTube Acquired Twitch for $1 billion is Dust-settled


The news that YouTube will make a buyout of Twitch has been confirmed which add an important elements to the YouTube video empire. Twitch is a live video game platform; the user can on the PC, Xbox and PS4 to watch their favorite games live. The company initially staked a TV game section; later in June 2011 was isolated independent operation. In the past few years, Twitch successively won two tens of millions of dollars in investment, company valuations in October last year to reach $42 million.

Have a look at the value of the Twitch:

²  Twitch with over 45 million unique visitors each month

²  A month has more than 100 independent Broadcaster

²  Consumption per month is 13 billion minutes long

²  Each spending an average of 106 minutes a day

²  In the Twitch the peak time of 540000 users, 58% of people spent 20 hours each week

²  68% of people spend time on TV so decline

²  The installed capacity of 10 million Twitch mobile terminal products