You can use Google Glass to track the 2014 World Cup from this Friday

Google Glass will update this Friday in the following five aspects:

1. Better Photo-sharing Experience

After taking photos with Glass, you will found that the photo have sync up, and then only with a gently click, you can further add filter effects and share them on SNS, etc. It is worth mentioning that the function is available even without Wi-Fi.


2. Information Card Related to the World Cup

Users are allowed to add teams they are interested in, track arrangement, and facts, etc.


3. Parking Location Record 

Parking location record – but I’m thinking, if the parking lot has no signal, what gonna happen?


4. Track Parcel Information

To track the send and receive information of parcel, users need to preset the program “Based on Gmail Package Information Update” in Google Now.

5. Get Prompts If the battery less than 20%