Windows Phone – HTC or Nokia, which one you choose


Earlier this month, Microsoft’s second quarter earnings conference call and CEO, said Nokia X series mobile phones will be the company’s design of inheritance. This means that we have the opportunity to see some in the second half of the year the company low-end phones with new design.

Finally, combined with the Nokia one thousand RMB-level in the first quarter this year launched the first 4 g phones Lumia635, now a new generation of Windows Phone line shape. Although from high school low-end, but the user can choose range is small.

It is important to note that in addition to Microsoft, Nokia and HTC, other major mobile phone manufacturers continue to launch the WP phone message. Now Microsoft’s center of gravity as if is not bringing in Samsung and other international brands, but smaller phone manufacturers authorized the use of the WP system free of charge. Such as India manufacturer Kabonn and Micromax this year introduced some low-end WP models.