What is Google Classroom


On the interface of Classroom teachers to create a course like creating a document page, invite students to join this page, and then post the assignment on the home page. Students under the task can make use of Google Docs and Google Drive tools, online writing homework and submitted to the teacher. Teachers can also after receiving the homework online ratings and comments. Based on the characteristics of real-time, and easy to Google Docs copy, future school may also use the Classroom directly to the electronic paper or home quizzes, namely to take home quiz.

Be worth what carry is, Google Docs and other tools in the Classroom just convenient online before the students do in their home many collaborative group work, and in the Classroom, Google according to teachers’ feedback, trial was added as an allow teachers cooperative supervision function. When a student’s work is still in the process of creation, teachers can be online to see, the advice and supervision. Similarly, in the future with the Classroom out in the paper, the teachers can fully understand the arrival a students spend much time on a topic.

All Google Apps for Education of the user can free use of Classroom. Have Google education account users can also free to add to the application, but has not been unified for the unit with the agency in using Google school Classroom, individual users even added application experience is not immediately, but need to wait for Google’s management team to decide whether to open services.