What are Audible Format and How to Play them Smoothly

Represented by the file extension .aa, .aax, and .aax+, the Audible format is a proprietary audio scheme developed by Audible, Inc. The Audible format, also known as AA files, is specifically designed for the secure distribution and use of audiobooks on various software and hardware devices which is used specifically for ebooks, text-to-speech software, and other documents. AA files allow users to listen to spoken text and store information relating to chapter markers, bookmarks, emphasized text, and other important details that cannot be expressed in regular audio files. However, they are not supported by all programs but can be accessed by using iTunes or the Apple iPod, Creative Zen, Sandisk Sansa, Amazon Kindle, and a wide variety of other software and hardware.

To prevent the unauthorized copying and playing of downloaded audiobooks, the Audible format uses an encryption algorithm. Interestingly, the actual sound data inside an Audible file is encoded in an unprotected format (either MP3 or ACELP), but is then wrapped up in the encrypted Audible container. Compared to other audio files, Audible Audio files have a significant advantage that is they allow users to store important information about the audio clip. While every coin has two sides, unfortunately, there are not that many programs available that can support Audible Audio files, then not to mention the programs that can create them. To make Audible Audio files more accessible, many users convert them into other audio formats that can be played on more media devices. Here I humbly recommend you Xinfire Video Converter Pro.

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Xinfire Video Converter Pro is a all-round video conversion software that is specifically made to convert files from formats that are protected by encryption to popular, unprotected formats such as AAC, WAV, DivX, MP3, MP4, and AVI. It supports to convert a wide variety of formats including Audible Audio. With Xinfire Video Converter Pro, users can have a standard method of accessing their AA files for playback on any portable devices.

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