The First Samsung Intelligent Glass“Gear Blink” Will be Unveiled on September

News from androidheadlines said that Samsung has successfully registered the trademark“Gear Blink”as the derivation and extension of the smartwatch Gear and that will be the first Samsung Intelligent Glass. Besides applying patents on intelligent glasses, Samsung also applied patents concerning virtual reality. For example, the app listed below, the action that counting fingers seems like fortune-telling in fact is typing, through casting letter on your palm, you can develop  virtual air typing with your thumb.


One of a Samsung investor once said that “We have already launched the smartwatch, and we have enough patents and strong technologies to develop smartglass and this September we will show you Gear Glass.”After Google Glass, we haven’t seen any comparatively mature smartglass. Samsung may let our eyes bright since it maybe a smartglass which has the same appearance with super Isaiah people.