Swatch will tap into intelligent watch next year


According to neowin, Swiss watch brand Swatch is already ready, ready to launch its own smart watch.CEO said to Switzerland local media that the Swatch will launch Swatch Touch smart watches integrated fitness tracking function. This is a small step for Swatch, but it is an quite important step forward “the Swiss watch company”.

Swatch Touch smart watch will use Touch screen, with the basic function such as timing, alarm clock, date. In addition, the Swatch Touch will also be equipped with fitness function of tracking, the product plan launched in early 2015. Swatch had expressed concern that the smart watch will be overly dependent on third-party software and applications. However, the company’s CEO, says that the Swatch Touch smart watches from inside to outside, from hardware to software by Swatch single-handedly.

The Swatch Touch will sell like hot cakes on the market? It will take time to test. But for “Swiss watch factory”, it is the first step in the watch industry into intelligence.