Strategy Analystics reported that in Samsung sold 500,000 smartwatches in 2014 Q1, for 71% Global Marketshare

Strategy Analystics latest reported that during the 2014 Q1, 700,000 smartwatches were sold globally in which Samsung possesses 71% share by selling 500,000 smartwatches. Samsung sold 1 million smartwatches last year, for 52% global marketshare, compared that with this year’s; the smartwatches industry develops rapidly in 2014 Q1 which relates closely with its overwhelming marketing and the smartwatches also develops successful bundle sales with the well-received Galaxy Note 3. However, what we need to say is that the numbers 500,000 only take into account the sales but not the return rates. A document from shows that the Samsung smartwatches got a daunting return rate of 30%.


Still and all, the Samsung smartwatches still performs well in 2014 Q1. We should know that in the past Q1, there was only the first-generation smartwatches available on market, the successively new products including Gear 2、Gear 2 Neo,and Gear Fit、Gear Solo will gradually hit the market, what we can expected is that those new smartwatches will companion with the Galaxy S5 to help Samsung possess larger smartwatches shares. To date, in the smartwatches industry, brands come second are Sony and Pebble and the sale of Sony and Pebble was neck and neck, both are 80,000, possessing 11.4% share respectively, while Motorola and Qualcomm come third neck and neck – both 10.000, 1.4% share respectively.