Sony, Panasonic and JDI set up a joint new company focused on the production of small and medium size OLED screen


Mention OLED, more naturally we will think of Samsung and LG. Samsung had in May suspend the OLED TV screen development but then restart in July, the Japanese manufacturers also went to war, it seems and unfinished feud between LCD and OLED technology.

According to a report by the eetimes description: different from the emphasis of the Samsung, LG, Japanese manufacturers JOLED joint venture will focus on the production, research and development of OLED screen is suitable for the small tablet size. While the former pay more attention to TV panel market. For Japanese manufacturers to form a joint venture cooperation, JDI himself was a successful example. It by Sony and Toshiba, Hitachi display panel unit of three companies merge to form, success for TFT LCD panel and break the Samsung and LG OLED panel in high-end mobile phones, tablet market monopoly advantage.