Samsung will release arc Gear S screen smart watch, at the same time to provide 3G network connection


According to The Verge news, Samsung not to be outdone, prior to the IFA 2014 opening, Samsung will release arc Gear S screen smart watch. Maybe you just read the latest exposure of the second generation of LG G Watch article, then Samsung’s new action.

Samsung’s new smart watch Gear S Super AMOLED screen will be equipped with 2 “arc, but with the Gear is Fit different Gear S support their Tizen system. Gear S and built-in speed meter, barometer, gyroscope, the compass and heart rate detector, battery life for about two days. Gear S factory will be pre-installed applications and Nike + S Health Running software.

Besides equipped with a bigger screen, Gear S itself also provides the function of 3 g network connection, that is to say, in connection with the smartphone is more than a Bluetooth wireless range after it can through this way to continue to maintain the connection.

In addition, Samsung around the Gear S launched a headset accessories, answering phone calls are implemented by the Bluetooth pairing, can also be processing new application notification and play music