Samsung confirmed to pay $200 million for acquiring intelligent household SmartThings platform


According to The Verge of news, Samsung has confirmed the $200 million for acquired SmartThings. The last two years of start-ups, previously won $12.5 million in a round of funding, currently in Washington, San Francisco and The Minnesota has five employees. Soon, SmartThings will move to Samsung incubation Center in Palo Alto Samsung Open Innovation Center.

SmartThings is mainly to solve the current web standards incompatible problem in intelligent home products, through a 99 order to all kinds of product across the base station transmission protocol. It has a can rely on mobile remote control lights, coffee machine, and even lock networking type home automation platform, in addition to build the intelligent household equipment, it is also trying to make itself into selling these form a complete set of automatic electricity household devices. For SmartThings, backed by Samsung means more manufacturers will be close to the resources, the acquisition of strategic significance for Samsung is self-evident.

Although $200 million lower to $3.2 billion of Google’s acquisition of Nest, but also a sign of Samsung intention through SmartThing determination to accelerate the process of its home appliance products intelligent – especially when Samsung smartphone business profit fell rapidly. In the Google acquisition Nest joint promote HomeKit, Microsoft, apple and Honeywell Insteon formed a strategic cooperation, Samsung is expected to become the fourth in product and service system integration of intelligent household giants.