Reeder for ios Updated to V2.2 Coming with 7 New Functions


According to 9to5mac the critically acclaimed news reader Reeder updated to V2.2 and adds a series of functions and repair flaws to improve the software. Seven new functions as follows:

1. Refreshing background running applications

2. Smart streams mow supports grouping content according to date and sources

3. Built-in browser page load schedule

4. User can select not to show the sources and article icons

5. Support to manage sources links from outside applications

6. Adding navigator in the blanks between the Toolbar and list mode

7. Adding the “drag handle” icon in the build-in browser to help users know that they can slide around to return the previous page or go into the next page

Four Changes:

1. Use OAuth to support Pocket Integration

2. Use API to support Pinboard

3. Titles and links can be included when sharing source with Messages

4. Article list graphics updated ((unread dot move to the upper right of the horizontal bar the same as the Reeder for Mac beta

Nine Improvements:

1. Some articles will disappear when loading applications

2. Multiple Feedly accounts

3. OPML leading-in

4. Status bar disappear

5. Selected articles you do not need when having sliding operations

6. Some visual components will stay still when sliding in the built-in browser

7. The scroll bar of built-in browser disappear

8. The scroll bar disappeared when choosing Night mode

9. Improve Fever for reloading