Positive action or passive to follow, Google Fit finally unveiled on Google I/O


In the 2014 I/O conference, Google launched its intelligent health information platform Google Fit which can organize and sort out all kinds of health and fitness application on Android, and the information of various adapter sports and health tracker, sensors, etc. “Everything under your Control” – the same thought with HealthKit with centralized management experience.

Similar to ios, in the past, date and information cannot be shared among health and fitness applications which impedes users to know their complete and detailed physiological condition and is also unfavorable to the developers to deepen the product experience. With the release of Google Fit, Android applications can share each other health information such as weight, height, blood pressure and so on – data types are quite similar with HealthKit.

To date, it has been confirmed that Google Fit develops deep cooperation services with Nike, Adidas, Withings, RunKeeper and Basis ,etc. Development suite of Google Fit will be open to developers in a few weeks.