Only Holding 0.6% of the Global Share, the BlackBerry Plans to Return the High-end Smartphone Market

Shouzong Chen, the CEO of BlackBerry, said a couple of days ago that BlackBerry has no plan to launch cheap smartphones selling under $100 in a short time, but hoping to return the high-end smartphone market by planting more built-in functions into phones.


Shouzong Chen took up the post of the CEO of BlackBerry last Sep. The top priority for him after taking office is to help BlackBerry to make a positive changeover. Through outsourcing its most hardware manufacturing business to Foxconn, in virtue of risky plans Shouzong Chen is going to help BlackBerry eliminate deficits and increase profits.


Shouzong Chen mentioned that high quality is not the advantage of Android phones, but that is what BlackBerry has. BlackBerry phones support to run 98% apps available in the market”. But in hardware and software features, BlackBerry seems not as experienced as iPhone and Android and the BlackBerry OS is not as good as we expected. As a user of Q10, I pay more attention to Blackberry’s appearance, feel, calling ability and quality, as to the other functions like apps operation experience, taking photos, I expected less. Last week, BlackBerry official launched Z3 in Indonesia, selling at $ 191. Someone once asked Shouzong Chen that is it possible to again launch a product selling more than $400, the CEO gave a positive answer and said that depends on what kind of functions the phone will has.