Movie Review: Pacific Rim on the Big Screen

Director Guillermo Del Toro is known for his mastery of spectacle in cinema. He made a name for himself with the critical darling, Pan’s Labyrinth, but now finds himself at the helm of Legendary Pictures’ 200 million dollar blockbuster, Pacific Rim. Fans of Del Toro’s work on the Hellboy series were excited to see what he could do with such a big-time budget, and facts proved that he did not disappoint. On July 12, 2013, Pacific Rim was first released in American. A serviceable story, well-planned animated action scenes, and some highly imaginative character design make for an enjoyable 132 minutes of escapist entertainment. The Pacific Rim works because, although the premise is ridiculous, the story sticks to the rules of the world that has been created.

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim” blazes through 10 years of humanity’s war with giant monsters in the first 10 minutes. The “Kaijuu,” as the city-crushing aliens are called, came from an inter-dimensional rift that opened at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. To combat them, the nations of the world built giant robots called “Jaegers,” each with two pilots who control the colossal machine’s brain via a shared mental link. The visuals in Pacific Rim are second to none, and Del Toro has outdone himself in creating truly terrifying beasts. The Kaijuu, as they are called in the film, are movie-monsters that make Godzilla look like a lumpy lizard.

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