Moto Launches Try before Buy for Moto X


It needs to be try if we want to know what we get is good or not. In the past, either you have no chance to try, or don’t have enough time to get started. Now Moto launched a promo giving you the opportunity to try its new product. You only need to pay 1 cent to try the uncontracted custom Moto X for two weeks. If satisfied, you can keep it by paying for that, if not, sending back.

This activity goes for Moto models including 16GB, 32 GB and 64 GB Moto X, respectively pricing at $349、$399 and $499. Users can customize the color of covers and even allowing to carved own signature, then potential customers only needs to pay 1cent, the Moto will send the product and provide 14-free-trial

This activity has started, currently only for the United States. Motorola also offers 30% off promo code, to date, promotional code has been paid out.