Microsoft will launch smartwatch in this October with 11 kinds of built-in sensors


According to The Verge, Microsoft plans to launch smartwatch in October this year. It is rumored that the Apple iWatch will get 10 kinds of built-in sensors while Microsoft plans to add 11 kinds of built-in sensors in its smartwatch. This product is different with Samsung and LG smartwatch and it’s more like a flat, thin NIKE FuelBand. At present, this product will integrate which sensor is still unclear, but the device will be able to continue to track the heart rate data and synchronize with the device.

There is also source said that Microsoft smartwatch will support Windows Phone, iOS and Android mobile operating system platform, and will provide developers with the open API interface. In addition, Microsoft does not want the user to think just wearing a piece of wrist smartwatch, they decided to equip the watch inside with display screen, rather than the external, this design can better protect privacy.