Microsoft will be on September 30, to show the world the next generation of Windows operating system


According to The Verge, Microsoft plans on September 30 of a next generation of Windows (Windows Threshold) special conference. Microsoft is also currently developing Windows Threshold preview version, although there may be changes in the release date, but the preview will be released after September 30.

Before there was news that Microsoft will launch Windows in later September and early October Threshold technology preview, officially released version should wait until the spring of 2015. But now it seems this must ahead of the release of the product.

The preview Windows Threshold will have new start menu, remove the Charm Bar as well as some changes in the UI. Now Microsoft’s internal Threshold is also trying to voice assistant Cortana integration, but it was unclear whether will appear in the technical preview.

In addition, Windows Threshold will likely be named as Windows 9; Microsoft is expected in the conference to introduce to add new features, as well as Windows RT and Windows Phone plan.