Microsoft will be emphasis more on cloud strategy and said that Windows 9 will be the best enterprise operating system


In today’s Windows partner conference, Microsoft has stressed that the cloud is not the future, but rather represents the present. At the same time it also revealed some information about the Windows 9 – the next generation of the operating system which will listen to user feedback, and make the improvement; and once the operating system released it will be the best enterprise operating system.

The COO Kevin Turner stressed that Microsoft still controls 90% of the 300 million PC market, but in the entire field of equipment market share accounted for only 14%, this part of the Microsoft focus right now, and we will send the equipment market challenge.

Software, Turner said the SharePoint market has a $2 billion; Office 365 is “the fastest growing product”. Azure acquired the new 42, 000customers in early 2014, at present 1000 new users every day. Visible, in the development of their own equipment and service platform at the same time, the company hopes to leapfrog each platform to sell their own cloud services.