Microsoft May Launch a Small Conference on May 20, a 7.5-Inch Surface Mini May Hit the Market

Over the past two years, it is widely rumored that Microsoft will launch smaller-in-size- Surface equipments, which seems to be true nowadays. Reported, according to The Verge, Microsoft officially sending out press release, and says a small conference concerning Surface will be held on May 20 and attached a slogan in the invitation that “Join us for a small gathering”. The slogan may suggest that only few people are officially invited to join the conference. But under the background that Microsoft continuously updates the Surface series, it seems more like that Microsoft is ready to launch new equipments. Last year in Sep, there was news that Microsoft will launch 7.5 inch Surface Mini earlier days this year.


It is said the new Surface Mini is 7.5 inch with a resolution 1440 x 1080, Aspect ratio of 4:3, which seems more like the iPad rather than the available Microsoft Surface tablets which are more suitable for watching movies. There are rumors that the Surface Mini will pick up QUALCOMM processor, running Windows RT, not Windows 8, which means that it cannot use desktop software directly, just like Surface RT and Surface 2.


Even though Microsoft do not have an official renouncement of Surface Mini, there are reports which shows that the develop tools of Microsoft recently adds the design model for smaller-size screen. The 7-inch tablet was recognized as game equipment, which was the idea of Microsoft two year ago. Below is the Microsoft official statement toward the Surface Mini rumor:

“A number of new products are under our consideration, and we works very hard to fulfill that. Surface series will bring more products with multiple aspect ratios.”