Microsoft Launched Joint Promo Windows 8.1 Edition with Bing for OEM

It seems that the Windows 8.1 prospects are dire, after cutting the patent use fee; it announced a Promo Windows 8.1 Edition which allows OEM to further cut down Windows 8.1 selling price. This Promo Windows 8.1 Edition has no essential distinction, only some limits for OEM, including setting the Bing as the default search engine, and OEM has no right to change the setting. But, the users who finally buy the equipments can reset the search engine according to own demands. In the Computer show held in Taipei next mouth, we can see hardware with this Promo Windows 8.1 Edition.


Besides, this promo Windows 8.1 OS only opens to Microsoft related hardware partners, other OEM cannot enjoy this special offer. And parts of OEM equipments will get some attached Office software (Which specific version still unclear). What’s more, the final Windows 8.1 OS preloaded on equipments will have changes in many other aspects, which is also unclear.


In first glance, it is somehow a little strange to this promo, allowing users to reset default search engine, but not allowing OEM to do that. However, the final result is that Microsoft starts to provide hardware partners lower-price Windows 8.1 to lower down the selling price of hardware equipments bought by consumers. After Mac OS X being free, Android at its back, the Chrome at its flank, it is better for Microsoft to make the Windows 8.1 free, however, as it is the important revenue source, it is impossible for Microsoft to make the Windows 8.1 free.