LG G3 could be hit the market by July


Samsung, HTC and Sony have all got their flagships out the door and now the only real Android big-hitter we’re waiting for is the LG G3. The good news is it might be with us sooner than the LG G2 was. Initial rumours were pointing to a May, June or July date and the latest rumours follow suit, putting it out in early July. That’s according to ZDNet Korea, which got the information from a ‘senior company official,’ who went on to say that the handset would be unveiled in late June, and that the release date was being brought forward because an August release would be too late for the phone to stay competitive.

We’ve also now got our first real glimpse of the LG G3 – or at least that’s what’s being claimed by Ubergizmo, which received the photo from “a source that has proven reliable in the past.” The image doesn’t really give us a good look at the handset but it does show a completed AnTuTu benchmark test on the screen, the results of which show that rumoured 1440 x 2560 resolution again. Going one better, Ubergizmo is claiming to have got confirmation from LG that this will indeed be the resolution of the device. The image also shows that the GPU is a Qualcomm Adreno 330, though it appears that the DPI information is wrong as it wouldn’t match up with the likely 5.2- to 5.5-inch screen size of the LG G3.

The main thing to take away from all this is that a quad HD display is looking ever more likely for the G3 and that you might not have to wait too long to get your hands on one. Don’t want to wait for the LG G3? The Samsung Galaxy S5 is pretty tasty too. The Samsung Galaxy S5 can be defined by one word: evolution. The camera has evolved to give clearer, faster snaps. The fitness-tracking abilities of the S5 are enhanced over the Galaxy S4 by packing in a more powerful S Health app and a dedicated heart rate monitor on the rear. A fingerprint scanner adds to the most secure Galaxy phone ever made.

The battery is larger, the screen bigger and brighter, the processor quicker and the design altered. The spec sheet certainly doesn’t let it down: a 2.5GHz quad-core CPU, 2GB of RAM, a 2800mAh (removable) battery, 16/32GB of memory (with up to 128GB extra through microSD), one of the world’s most vibrant screens that’s been extended to 5.1-inches and added biometrics.