Latest News from the 2014 CES Show


CES 2014 is underway in Las Vegas! We touched down on January 4, and already have seen a whirlwind of new tech – from Nvidia’s 192-core Tegra K1 mobile processor to cars with laser eyes. The show runs through Friday, January 10, so keep checking here for all the latest!


Samsung hasn’t officially made any CES 2014 announcements during the show yet, but all signs are pointing to the company revealing two larger-and-in-charge tablets here in LV. In fact, on January 6 Samsung pulled the sheet off one of its more impressive, albeit impractical, TVs – the 105-inch curved Ultra HD 4K TV. According to our hands on review of the device: the screen is so lovely it’s almost heartbreaking, and its unusual properties give it the exotic air that only truly new technology can have, What’s more, the possible viewing angles are phenomenal.

It seems Samsung is going with a curved theme this CES – it also unveiled a bendable TV. Yes, bendable. A bendable or curved TV screen may be a bit disconcerting to the everyday consumer but according to our hands on “the bendy TV screen itself is just gorgeous. And there’s no discernible dip in quality as it changes shape. It’s very seamless.” The Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 and the Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 should both ring in at 12.2-inches each, making them, and look for both to sport Android 4.4 KitKat. It definitely won’t be all tablets for Sammy though; we’re sure to hear plenty about its UHD TV plans as well.


The Korean company announced in December that a gigantic 105-inch LED TV will be on show for the convention, and then added that five new OLED units will also be showcased, including the curved 77-incher we saw at IFA 2013. But LG is bringing more than just TVs to Las Vegas. The company jumped the gun on its Monday keynote and let loose on the Lifeband Touch, a fitness wristband that will offer exercise goals, calorie output, take incoming calls and play music. It is compatible with Android and iOS, and we expect to go hands … er … wrist on with it at the show.


Sharp showed off a slew of new TVs at a press conference on the day before the official start of CES 2014, pronouncing itself the top TV maker, with “the most comprehensive line” of HD big-screens. That line includes the newly announced Sharp Aquos Quattron (or Q series) Plus, “the highest resolution [full] HD television available,” Sharp Marketing President John Herrington said on stage. In addition to the Quattron Plus series that plays 4K content at “half the price,” Sharp unveiled two new actual 4K Ultra HD Aquos sets, at 60 and 70 inches. Sharps’ 4K TVs will launch this summer, with more sizes coming later in the year.


Razer isn’t just about gaming and computers anymore. The Razer Nabu has arrived to challenge Samsung and Sony’s smartwatches and the fitness bands to boot, with the gaming firm’s smartband offering dual notification OLED screens. Offering both an easily visible notifications screen and a more private message screen, the Nabu tracks a wealth of personal data including steps walked, distance travelled and sleep quality as well as location information.


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