It is rumored that Samsung is developing VR headset

Engadget News: Samsung is nightly developing VR headset for its future phones and tablets. The potential competitors of this new VR equipment are Oculus Rift which recently was acquired by FaceBook and the Project Morpheus developed by Sony. It is said that some senior developer has gained the early version of the VR headset, but the final version will be of great ability, which means that the most ideal paired devices of VR only can be the future Samsung flagship phones and tablets. Samsung will use its own OLED screen, which get a lowest equal resolution with Oculus’s latest products which use 1080p OLED panel.


It is also said that Samsung is speeding up to let the new headset hit the market next year. And it will make full advantage of itself to provide unbeatable advantage for its VR headset. There is no doubt that Samsung can fulfill the goal. FaceBook made a buyout of Oculus Rift makes the rumor that VR tech will be next platform fly dust, however, no matter the join of Samsung means what, it great productivity and marketing ability will push the development of VR tech in market