It is rumored that Apple will release new 12-inch Retina Macbook and 4K product this year

In addition to worry about OS X Yosemite matters, Apple currently also has a new action in terms of hardware. 9 to5 news, apple is currently doing a 12-inch equipped with Retina Macbook screen series products, thinner, lighter. It is unclear which, will vest in both Air and Pro, whose name does not rule out the apple will have to open a series of possible.(I guess will be in the Air under one’s name)


At the same time, 9 to5 also said that apple is doing a equipped with 4 k display products, at present it is unclear whether this 4 k is also Taiwan independence shows that frequency is similar to the all-in-one iMac. News that these two devices, will be followed by a park ranger at Yosemite, as planned on the third or fourth quarter of this year. The new hardware and software, sales of each other are also can be used as a selling point.