It is rumored Apple will unveil its smart home platform at WWDC next week


The WWDC will be held next week. According to the Financial Times report Apple plans to unveil its smart home platform on this meeting aiming at letting iPhone, iPad even Apple TV to control photos, security prevention system and other home equipments through this platform.

Financial Times takes some Apple smart home applications as examples, e.g. when the iPhone users come back home, the lighting system will auto open, while those third party manufactures obviously can stand on the shoulder of licensing scheme similar to “Made for Apple”to bundled with this ecological system.

The report also said that in the late this year the updated Apple TV will support connection with home equipments. Last year, Appinsider once unveiled a patent of Apple that is through relay server, Apple can connect its equipments with users’ house facilities. Of course, now under the background that user pays more and more attention on security and privacy, it can be predicated that Apple will cost a lot to explain how Apple can achieve gathering dates along with protecting users’ privacy.

Now there is a number of home equipments compatible with iPhone among which the most famous must be the Philips smart LED Hue which allows users to use the ios app to built personal bulbs combination, which now only available at Apple Store.

Even though there are a lot of smart home equipment on market, but most of them are under control of specific applications. For users, it is unimaginable to control different equipments with different applications. Apple can take advantage of itself to build such a platform. e.g. in the early this year, Apple lunched the CarPlay which wins great support from lots of car manufactures.