Is the last generation Nexus Tablet – Volantis will be produced by HTC


According to The verge, the newest, pr may be the last Nexus tablet will be manufactured by HTC. It is rumored that the device is configured well which is as named “Volantis” or the Nexus, equips with 8.9-inch 2048 x 1440 resolution screen, 2GB RAM, stereo front speakers. Besides, the device adopts Nvidia desktop- level prototypes K1 chip which is said only weighs 418 grams, 0.31 -inch aluminum body design. Android Police got the news shows that the mobile device prices $399 for 16GB, $499 for 32GB. It is said it will be released together with the Google Quarter 4 mobile operating system.

But the news that Google will use the Android Silver series high-end product line to replace the Nexus series makes people doubt that if there is a Nexus 9. It is said that the Android Silver series will work with the best phone manufactured by LG and Moto to create a more unified Android experience. However, it is still possible that Google will release the Nexus 9 to fill a void before the launch of Silver, and another possibility is that the Android Silver will hit the market during the development of Nexus 9, and then the Nexus will be abandoned.