ios 8 May Support HD Video Play Function and Launch New Earphone and Date Line

News from Mac Rumors that Apple Inc. plans to add HD video play function to its new ios 8 OS and to fulfill this new technology, the company may also launch a new earphone and redesigned Lightning date line. The current ios 7 OS only supports to play audio files like CDs, audio files like ALAC only can be played through third party apps, however, the above mentioned situation may be changed and make progress in the ios 8.


Generally speaking, to improve sound playback quality, it is needed to get a qualified third party application. First, the hardware, manufactures need to plant HiFi chip to the Smartphone, then, the earphone, manufactures need to offer a high-qualified earphone to help users enjoy music delicates, last, the service, which means that the music library can continuously offer lossless and HD music files,


After making a takeover of Beats Electronics, Apple got the ability to fulfill the later two points even though the acoustics of Beats are not as professional as brands like BOSE、B&W and SHURE, Beats Music overlaps the iTunes in some aspects and Apple now is able to support HD audio playback. More than half a month, the WWDC 2014 will open in San Francisco as dated. During the meeting, the new ios 8 will be unveiled. Maybe we can download and experience the HD audio playback function on that very day.