ios 8 is the soul of the iWatch


Apple may release iWatch in October. The curved surface wrist watch will carry iOS 8 which can be recognized as the soul of it and its lots of features seems to be developed for Apple’s wearable devices. Here we will explain three among them for you.

1. Widget Apps

Widget Apps – one of the “duties” of modern smart watch which allows users to take a glance at the important information on the screen. The applications that iOS users currently use, no matter in the UI or interaction style is more suitable for the size of the phone’s screen. If you want to enjoy easy operation on watch also, you must have a new interface and interaction design. And the Notification Center is the focus to carry this task -Apple can present mini app on the iWatch small screen, then getting date from iPhone from the corresponding program, such as weather, remind, ESPN sports, calendar, etc. On the WWDC 2014, Apple has demonstrated the widgets of eBay and ESPN. In the intuitive point of view, it is completely feasible in wrist watch. It is worth mentioning that Apple can completely set up a complete ecosystem pointing to the third party Widget that is the new gold mine.

2. Quickly Find Contacts

Quickly Find Contacts – in the same way, because of the small screen, so it must get the ability to find contacts more easily. In iOS 8, the user can find recent and recently starred (favorite) contacts in quick, and simplifies the process of sending email. Let’s suppose if iWatch can also make a phone call, what kind of UI look comfortable? How about the big head, big button in IOS 8?

3. Revolutionary New Messages

Revolutionary New Message – in iOS 8, Messages add several features, including sending a voice message, video news, share geographical position, Do Not Disturb Model, group chat. Have you ever think about that it may be an application very suitable for wrist watch?