Google will released 5.9 and 5.2 two new Nexus device in autumn


In addition to Apples will release new mobile and wearable products on September 9, Google recently are not idle. According to slashgear, Google will release in the autumn of 5.2 and 5.9 in two specifications of the Nexus device. One may be from MOTOROLA Moto X + 1, another is unknown at present.

But we can anticipate is that close to 6 inch screen Nexus device should be able to provide high and with sufficient consumer market.Like a smaller screen size of the user, will have a slightly lower specifications 5.2 inches of products to choose from.From the Moto X + 1 to 5.2 inch would have a better chance.

So far, Google official did not give a reply.Conference decided together by the end of October. Just don’t know from apple’s rise a conference released two phones will form a copycat, but come to think of it, has already has domestic manufacturers to do so.