Google will close Quickoffice in the next few weeks


In 2012, Google acquired mobile office software Quickoffice. At the time, Google had no plan to close the service, and only planed to integrate it into its editing product suite. In the recent Google I/O conference, Google Docs, Slides TAB and Sheets add a lot of new functions. Today, Google announced that Quickoffice service will soon be closed.

“As the Quickoffice functions have been gradually integrated into Google Docs, Sheets and Slides TAB applications, Quickoffice application will be out of stock in the next few weeks from apple’s App Store and Google Play. By then, existing users can still continue to use, but Google won’t add any new functions to Quickoffice, and new users will not be able to download to use.”

The Android version Quickoffice, last updated in February 14, while the iOS version of that is on January 6 this year. We all know, in order to focus on Google Drive application suite, to close Google Quickoffice is only a matter of time, now it seems that that day is not far away.