Google Updated Android Wear Applications and Launched 24 third-party applications


According to mobiles, Google recently updated the Android Wear software, there are 24 Android Wear watch App available for download and install. From the report we can speculates that Android Wear watches like Google Glass, users first need to download the Android Wear for the mobile phone. Android Wear applications in mobile phone like an application store, in which the user can download, install, manage the watch App. Watch like an inbox, only used to present management information, and don’t run the software directly.

The 24 third party applications including fitness application RunKeeper, IFTTT, language tool Duolingo, wealth management application Level Money, etc. Among them, PayPal, catering takeout Eat24, Soundwave, Pinterest, voice taxi Lyft and social recipe application Allthecooks six App hasreleased. Google used Pinterest to run presentation in Google I/O. RunKeeper, for example, supports voice control, can see movement time, distance, and steps on the watch and also allows you to pause recording on the watch.