Google is developing a redesigned Android System to unify and combine applications and services user experience


According to ibtimes, Google is planning to unify and combine design elements of Android applications and services, and going to launch a design language called “Quantum Paper”. News said that Google is working on developing a completely redesigned Android system, and its innovation degree can compete with apple’s iOS 7.

This major update plan called “Quantum Paper”, which will affect all the products and services running on the Google platform. No matter what kind of equipments access to Google service, “Quantum Paper” can provide users with consistent interface and experience. Simply speaking, you can define the “Quantum Paper” as an integrated design framework, which can produce consistent user experience without being disturbed by platform or device. It is complicate to describe, but Google’s goal is to simplify the overall design and experience.

In addition, the new “Quantum Paper” design language and programming tools will also be provided to developers, Google will encourage them to integrate new design elements to third-party applications. Besides, “Quantum Paper” design will bound to new visual effects, new buttons as well as unified interactive elements on devices. Although it is unclear the release date of this Android system, but fastest it will be on the Google +.