Google acquired the new technology companies Alpental to develop 5G technology to extend Optical Fiber Project


According to fiercewireless, Google has quietly acquired a start-up technology company Alpental Technologies. The company was founded in 2012 and has been so far in 5G technology related research, the company is only more than 10 employees. Google’s move was seen as for the company in 5 g communications related technical support, it is possible that to extend Google fiber project preparation. 5G communication technology as 4 g/LTE’s successor, will provide 10 gb/s data transmission speed and more powerful. However, how many 5G relevant technology had mastered by Alpental is still unknown. Google fiber project is only for the families in the United States to provide high-speed Internet and television services, download and upload speeds are Gb level, much higher than the speed of the local network provider.