Dropbox and MIT alumni desire to create the next generation email platform inbox


The Inbox wrote in its official blog that though email is the center of the online life, but with email related development work is becoming more and more difficult. The old agreement and format, it is hard to add even if some of the simplest functions. What Inbox want to do, simple to say is to build a mail platform, to provide technical support to email-related application or service, make the latter to build their own service according to their need, more simple and efficient. Similar to Google’s Gmail API function, but the Inbox will support Yahoo, Microsoft Exchange, and other more mail system.

Google I/O this year launched a new “Gmail API” system to make email application developers a set of new tools, to a more convenient access to information, labels, Gmail to identify relevant information, without having to obtain all permissions. The meaning of behind this is that Google tried to reduce dependence on obsolete such as IMAP protocol. And the Inbox want things, similar to Google, is also to be able to provide a set of “old protocol and format” upgrade, let just need to email a certain function of developer and complete email client can be used.

In the long run, the inbox is not just for developers to provide a more simple and easy to use tools, but hope by providing some basic set of open source Package, to create a new mail.