Developers’ View for Apple’s New Programming language Swift


Even though Apple’s annually Developer Conference (WWDC) is quite eye-catching, the most relevant should be the new programming language Swift, which always in Beta version before the release of ios 8 and has been used by Apple for more than 20 years, was always recognized as the substitutes of the ancient language Objective – C. Apple announced that the new programming language runs faster than the Objective – C and can be more useful, also supporting closures, generics, type inference, and other a variety of many modern programming concepts such as return type and namespace.

Apple points out that the Swift will be developed for both old and new developers. For old developers, Swift seem to be very familiar with, while for new developers, Swift seems quite friendly. Apple praised that the new programming language build a “interactive playground” for developers.

However, evaluation concerning Swift from networks is mixed.

Outstanding iOS developer Steve Streza is quite excited about to the shift, he said Swift inherited the merits of the Objective – C (such as reference counting memory management) and improve the grammar and management style which led him to rethink his own API design and need to emphasis more on type. But he thinks Swift will have no great influence on his work after across the new language learning curve of the hump.