Blackberry will launch the new Passport in 2015 which may be the “least blackberry” in the history of BlackBerry


According to The Verge, Blackberry is currently making preparation for its new product Passport, this product is expected to officially launch in this autumn.

This year, Blackberry has launched Z3 and corresponding keyboard, which reminds people of the heyday of blackberry, and the new Passport now is only its appearance pictures available, and the specific parameters are still unknown. Just look from the appearance, people will feel very strange, first of all, it looks big and strong, equipped with a 4.5 -inch 1440 x1440 pixels square screen, and also a flattened version of the QWERTY keyboard.

Yes, you could say that this is what innovated by the Blackberry since it is hard for you to find a Passport similar products on the market. Also it is not clear that this Passport is aimed at what kind of group, but it is equipped with a screen wider than Galaxy Note 3, at the same time it is equipped with a full keyboard, so it probably still aims at business people.