Apple web find the iPhone began to use their own maps, and say goodbye to Google maps


Apple, according to 9 to5mac in web search iPhone applications started using its own map service, and this is the first time use apple maps in the browser.

Two years ago, apple iOS 6, in addition to the pre-installed Google maps, launched its own map service. Since then, I have been methodically in iOS devices used in the various applications of their own maps. Now, the apple store location is still call Google maps, estimates are likely to cancel in the near future. Use the web to find the iPhone apple’s own map service, also means that apple and Google probably thoroughly go their separate ways.


Maps and directions in the era of mobile Internet use in high frequency applications, this should be apple power map, even reduce the user experience is to abandon the main reason for the Google map. Apple also has been trying to repair the product, improve the reliability of its own map service. Not long ago, vice President of Amazon’s A9 Benoit Dupin joining apple, responsible for improve apple map search services. Last month, apple began to adopt crowd sourcing, update a day in the form of correction error, improve accuracy.