Apple iWatch will have two size of three models High-end with sapphire screen


On July 16, according to the Taiwan economic daily reported that apple will launch its first iWatch wearable devices in the third quarter of this year, the appearance of iWatch will have three different styles, and two kinds of size. The high style will match the sapphire glass screen. News that apple will introduce a 1.6 -inch screen and two 1.8 inch screen iWatch, total is three, and one of the high-end version will be equipped with sapphire glass displays. Earlier, according to the news from Reuters iWatch will have 2.5 inch screen. As for the release date will be October this year.

Recently, an analyst at Morgan Stanley, Katie Hugh Bertie (Katy Huberty wrote) release analysis report, said the apple wearable devices iWatch price will be scheduled for around $300, the first year of sales will exceed 30 million yuan. While ming-chi kuo kgi securities analyst said that apple will be in November will be mass-produced iWatch, release date will be delayed until next year. According to apple release before practice, this analysis has certain credibility.

Though the message from the outside world, apple did not publicly confirmed the existence of iWatch. But rumors from these unfolding is more sure iWatch release is just a matter of time, the so-called “imminent, had to send”, and apple’s secrecy work seems to be doing rather well.(Yi Mu)