Apple is actively developing VoLTE communication

9 to5mac reported that apple recently released 2 job Posting: on the one hand, to find agreement on cellular systems, and wireless technology to fit on such as (experienced engineers; Recruit, on the other hand, in the “SIP, RTP, VoIP and other related agreement” with the accumulated iOS wireless communications software engineer. This shows that apple is still in active development ((voice – over – LTE) functions, the technology can provide 4 g users with connect waiting time shorter, the experience of higher quality video and audio calls.


Since the iPhone 5, apple QUALCOMM LTE chip can be used by native support (, this means that after the iPhone 5 and models, as long as 8, update to iOS support (probably. At present, the technology of the (from the large-scale deployment of still have a distance, but apple can use iOS large equipment base, waiting for cultivating mature technology environment, through a firmware update to join VoLTE function again.