A brief introduction of HTC One Mini


The HTC One mini apes the design of the larger handset, with a slick aluminium body design, a nicely curved back and those distinctive BoomSound speaker grilles on the front. The big difference between the One mini and the original is the waistband that encircles the edges. This plastic band finishes everything off and you can set aside any fears that this might detract from the premium sheen. On the contrary, we think it’s a great effect.

The finish and chamfering of the edges reminds us of 2012′s HTC One X and we like the way there’s enough definition in the edges to bite into your fingers for a decent grip. Of course the advantage that the HTC One mini’s smaller frame offers over the HTC One, is that it’s easier for those with smaller hands to manage, more discreet when tucked into your pocket or bag. It measures 132 x 63.2 x 9.25mm and weighs only 122g. It’s certainly compact, although the speakers top and bottom mean this device is perhaps a little longer than some rivals. It’s a compromise we’ll happily accept, as those speakers certainly bring benefits and we like the symmetry in design that HTC has achieved.

We love the precision that the HTC One mini offers through its design, resulting in a device that doesn’t look second tier. It looks like the sort of Smartphone you’d willingly choose as an alternative to the larger model, rather than that decision being driven purely by cost. With the design hitting the mark, it’s internally that you’ll see the changes that bring the HTC One mini into the mid range. Under the skin there’s a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 chipset clocked at 1.4GHz, with 1GB of RAM, quite a step-down from the quad-core power of the HTC One.

In the real world, however, performance isn’t about numbers or benchmarks, it’s about getting things done. The HTC One mini, in that sense, is perfectly capable at handling typical daily tasks, like watching movies, browsing the internet, crunching through your emails or your social networks. Side-by-side with the HTC One, there’s little difference in the speed with which you can leap around HTC Sense 5. It’s snappy and responsive, so despite the difference in power on offer, the phone still offers a great experience in day-to-day use.HTC Desire 816